Lotus 39 is an all-natural, drug-free hair and scalp rejuvenation formula.



My hair filled in and looked like it did in my twenties…

Over three months on Lotus 39 and I know there will be no more male pattern baldness for me! My hair filled in like it was in my 20s and when people I know and haven’t seen for a while ask if I had a hair transplant, I say no because I’ve found something better. I will NEVER stop using Lotus 39. It’s topical, made from natural ingredients, feels good, and has no side effects.

Al M.
after 16 weeks
At 16 weeks

Over the past few months, my hair started to thicken, grow stronger, regrow, and fill in…

I’m 60 years old and over the last 10 years my hair started to recede and thin out overall. This was especially true in the crown area. I tried using the FDA approved hair loss products, but they did very little to slow down my balding. They also smelled bad and made my hair very greasy looking. I also didn’t want to take any medications which have sexual side effects. In the first few weeks after using Lotus 39 my hair stopped falling. Over the past few months my hair started to thicken, grow stronger, regrow and fill in throughout my head and in particular on the top and back area. The product smells good and has made my scalp very healthy. Lotus 39 is a great way to stop hair loss and get your lost hair back. I would recommend it to anyone.

Mike A.
Mike A - Valentino de Salva Lotus 39 Before Pictures
Mike A - Valentino de Salva Lotus 39 After 16 Weeks Picture
At 16 weeks

Lotus 39 is a formula…that really WORKS!

I’m 49 years old and I want to tell you a story…a man with piercing blue eyes walked up to me while I was at work and said, “I notice you have thinning hair.” I sighed and held back tears. He then explained about a product that he formulated, offered it to me for FREE and wanted my feedback. Right away I noticed that my scalp felt almost as if it were breathing! After about 2 weeks I noticed less hair on my brush and in the shower. After about 2 months I noticed that my hair seemed healthier, thicker and there were no side effects. No side burns, chin whiskers or mustache (you can get that from other chemical formulas). Lotus 39 is a formula made from natural ingredients that really WORKS! My hair grows faster and there is more growth. Not wispy baby hair, actual adult hair! I tell as many people as I can about Lotus 39! I love it and will always use it! Thank you for this wonderful miracle!

Vera C.
Vera C - Valentino de Salva Lotus 39 Before
Vera C - Valentino de Salva Lotus 39 After 16 Weeks Picture
At 16 weeks

In a matter of weeks my hair…stopped falling

Was upset when I noticed that my hair was falling rapidly. Luckily, I stumbled over Lotus 39 and started to use the product consistently. In a matter of weeks my hair looked healthier and stopped falling! The product is great and I would certainly recommend it to anyone losing hair.

Kali P.

Lotus 39 works like a fertilizer on your scalp, so that your hair can improve

Here are my reasons I believe in Lotus 39. My issues included thinning and dull looking hair. I saw and felt improvement immediately. By immediately…I mean that after the first night I used the product…I had a fuller texture and life to the strands of my hair. Within the first 3 months as I continued the use of the product my hair strands were stronger…and looked healthier. Lotus 39 felt almost like a vitamin treatment for my hair. The strands of my hair were flowing more together rather than the static fly away hair I would usually experience. I no longer would see strands of hair in the shower. I was educated thru using this product that it’s not the hair you treat like I always thought, but you must treat the scalp because that’s where the root is and the Lotus 39 product works like a fertilizer on your scalp so that your hair can improve. Now my experience has been wonderful and I would stand behind Lotus 39 100%.

Dawn A.

My beautiful hair…dead and destroyed by radiation for a brain tumor…started to grow…

I developed a life threatening brain tumor that required both surgery and radiation treatments. The actions taken were thankfully successful. However my beautiful hair was destroyed by the radiation. Nothing i tried did me any good.  The hair and skin were completely destroyed. As a woman I was absolutely devastated. After visiting a number of the top specialists in the field of dermatology and hair care restoration, I was told there was nothing that could be done. Then I tried the Lotus 39 formula. My once-dead hair and scalp came alive again. My hair started to become revitalized in the area around the radiation and new hair actually started to grow on the radiated area that was once completely dead and barren. Besides the fact that it works, what I also love about Lotus 39 is that it smells wonderful and has no side-effects. Since I continued to be on medication it was important to me that nothing interfered with the actions of the medications I was taking. I would recommend Lotus 39 to anyone having hair and scalp issues, and in particular for someone who has lost their hair as a side effect of being treated for cancer. An amazing product with a miracle result for me and my hair.

Amal M.

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