This natural hair oil is more potent and sensitive than what you will find in stores.  We monitor each batch to ensure it is the purest and nourishing formula you have ever used.

Good Hair Oil

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A blend of natural oils that heal can heal the skin, moisturize hair, and can turn grey hair back to it's original color in just a few days. This formula can be used by itself, or directly after applying our hair rejuvenation formula Lotus 39. Using both of our formula's will drastically improve your hair in any way you are looking for.  Whether you are looking to improve thinning hair, edges, beards, eyebrows or restore your natural hair color, this formula can do it all.

Size: 2 oz 

Instructions:  Screw off the top, pour some in your hand, spread generously through the entire scalp and hair daily.  Apply enough so it touches the entire scalp and some of the hairs if you like. 

Ingredients: A blend of home grown specialty oils 

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