About Lotus 39

After 39 years of research, trials, and a passion for proven natural skin and hair care, Valentino de Salva now presents Lotus 39 – the first-of-its-kind all natural drug-free Hair & Scalp Rejuvenation formula. 

The Lotus is known as one of the most resilient and beautiful flowers in the world. Deeply rooted in the dirtiest, and prevailingly uninhabitable waters, the seed of the Lotus flower awaits its blossom. As the Lotus transcends the mud it blooms with purity and spectacular beauty. Like the Lotus, your hair has the ability to mirror such qualities. Lotus 39 is the key to unlocking that potential. Lotus 39 is formulated using the purest all natural ingredients and is designed to provide the hair & scalp with the specific compounds needed to promote healthy looking, natural, full bodied hair. Utilizing select botanicals, this product works to nourish, rejuvenate, and protect the skin and dynamic workings of the scalp, resulting in unprecedented hair health, thickness and protection.

What to Expect

0-90 Days

Lotus 39’s proprietary hair-loss treatment delivers thicker, stronger hair without surgery, avoiding side affects and coverups that are common with other products. There is no better time to do something about your thinning hair and restore your confidence. Lotus is the first step in helping you achieve a healthier happier you.

Within the First 30 days

Lotus 39 will drastically reduce your hair loss by eliminating excessive shedding. Scalp will be returning to a healthy state with the elimination of many skin conditions that interfere with normal hair & scalp health. Your thinning hairs and scalp will be on their way to being rejuvenated.

30-60 Days

Hair will look thicker, shinier and healthier. Scalp will become energized and revitalized. Your Fly-Away Hair will once again have body and be full of life.

60-90 Days

Roots and shaft of the hair will be stronger. Hair & Scalp Rejuvination will be accelerated. Hair and scalp health are now ideal to obtain your desired outcome.