Lotus 39 is an all-natural, drug-free hair and scalp rejuvenation formula.


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.vc_custom_1419240516480{background-color: #f9f9f9 !important;} The Real Truth About Lotus 39 and What to Expect if You Dare To Try ItMen’s hair loss is very common. According to statistics, sooner or later, this problem is faced by 80% of men, and 60% of men begin to notice their hair thinning as early as 25-35 years old. We [...]
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Consumer Product Testing Company Test Results Show Lotus 39 is Safe

These test results are from a company called Consumer Product Testing Company, is a large New Jersey based testing facility. They are registered with the Food and Drug Administration and are known for testing cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and specialty chemicals. Their website can be found by Clicking Here. This testing began on […]