Which Vitamins and Minerals Make Your Hair and Scalp Healthier?

Which Vitamins and Minerals Make Your Hair and Scalp Healthier?

 June 13th, 2020

For many people reaching middle age, hair loss is an issue that affects both their confidence and their health. When you spot the first sign of hair loss, it’s important that you treat it right away, because the longer you delay, the harder it becomes to get treated. Treating hair loss and regrowing hair requires a lot of patience.

What Causes Hair Loss?

The number one culprit could be stress. If you have a lot of stress in your daily life, you will face hair loss sooner than you could imagine, moreover, you tend to have white hair even at a young age. People with alopecia areata disease also experience significant hair loss at an early age. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that causes hair follicles to skip the active growth phase and prematurely enter the resting phase.

How to Treat Hair Loss

There are many products in the market that promise hair growth after a certain period of time. The problem is, you never know if that product works or not until after you have spent a ton of money buying it. If you want to be on the safe side and have patience, then you should try natural hair regrowth methods and adjust your diet day by day. A good diet could positively affect your hair growth.

Essential Vitamins for Hair Loss

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential for cell growth. Most skin care products with vitamin A will help you reduce hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth. Just apply the product on the scalp and massage well for a few minutes then wash your hair and let it dry naturally. Natural vitamin A is found in most vegetables and fruits like carrots, spinach, bell pepper, peaches, etc.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron more effectively, and iron is important for hair growth. The recommended dose for the body is 2000 mg daily. You can find vitamin C in oranges, lemon, kiwis, strawberries, blueberries, etc.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps prevent air loss by protecting the scalp. You can find vitamin E in nuts, soy beans, leafy greens.


Magnesium helps your scalp become stronger for healthier hair. It can be found in nuts, salmon, rice and seeds.


Iron is important not only to your hair growth but to the overall body as well.