Lotus 39 Reviewed on Blog Talk Radio

Lotus 39 Reviewed on Blog Talk Radio

January 7th, 2020.

Why Valentino De Salva Took 39 Years to Introduce Select Salons to Lotus 39-

Here’s a Quote from Dawn, GM of a natural health store in Ohio:

My first experience using Lotus 39 by Valentino De Salva was instant alertness from the fresh aromatic scent and tingly sensations that start working instantly leaving my scalp energized and rejuvenated.  

The next day after washing my hair, I noticed more shine and manageability. It felt has though the fresh herbs were fertilizing my scalp.

When I met Valentino, whose background is a chemist from Romania, he told me about his 39 year search for the right botanical combination that in his words would KEEP YOUR HAIR HAPPY. If his Lotus 39 were musicians, Lotus 39 would be the Cleveland Orchestra of natural botanical hair, scalp, formulas! Thomas Katovsky, copub Healthy Referral Newspaper


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