Learn About the Adverse Effects of Conventional Hair Loss Formulas

Learn About the Adverse Effects of Conventional Hair Loss Formulas

March 23, 2020

Commonly-used hair loss formulas can be very dangerous, even when they are touted as being safe, all-natural, and effective. In some cases, the products do not even work at all. Here are some hair loss products you may want to avoid, and reasons why you should find a natural alternative.

Does it Even Work?

During the 1990s, there was a court case involving a hair care product that was designed to cure baldness. One of its rivals, minoxidil, is clinically shown to only work in a fairly small number of cases. At that, minoxidil only works on the rear crown of the head even when it is effective.

Unfortunately, the federal government has banned the sale of many other kinds of hair restoration methods due to their likelihood of being the work of charlatans. You should save your money for a product that will actually help your hair grow back.

When Your Hormones are Harmed

Another “approved” type of product that is supposed to reverse hair loss is known as Finasteride, which has been shown to be a feminizing product that can actually reduce a man’s sex drive.

Further, when a man does have sex while taking this type of medicine, a pill that one can swallow every day, he may actually become impotent as a result of his medication. Even if you are still able to have sex despite taking Finasteride, it can impact the amount you may ejaculate. It may even harm a woman’s hormonal balance, which is far too high a price to pay, even to restore hair.

Is it Natural?

Fortunately, there are natural hair and scalp care products on the market that allow you to keep your sex drive along with restoring your full sex appeal. Lotus 39 is a natural blend of plant extracts, essential oils, and vitamins that will help you stop shedding and slow down hair loss, instead of trying to mess with your hormones or shock your hair follicles. Having more energy, more control over your hair, and plenty of body to work with will make you feel more confident instead of sapping your energy.

When it comes time to get a hair and scalp care product, go with a natural and safe choice. Try Lotus 39 today!