A Lotus 39 Success Story!

A Lotus 39 Success Story!

August 10th, 2020.

Marina, a Lotus 39 user, recently shared a moving story about her experience with the product. Here’s Marina, in her own words…

I am a professional manicurist who has worked for some excellent salons, the most recent one being Alfredo’s International and I want to tell you my story of hair loss, in the hopes that others can be helped:

Twenty five years ago I lost 70% of the beautiful thick hair I had, to a thyroid condition that I have been fighting most of my adult life. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to see and use all the top hair products designed to stop hairloss, restore hair, and help with my scalp and hair conditions. None of them worked. Did I tell you my scalp was also ultra-sensitive so that products would many times make my hair and scalp even worse?

Then in March of this year a man brought a product to our salon and after seeing me and my hair, asked specifically if I was interested in using it to help rejuvenate and restore a healthy hair and scalp. I agreed to use it (Lotus 39 Scalp and Hair Rejuvenation Formula by Valentino De Salva) and it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.  Within the first month, I was able to wash my hair and it had some body again. Before using Lotus 39, my hair was too thin to even maintain itself without using  other products to hold it in place. In the next few months, my hair stopped failing and began to grow thicker and stronger. In fact, I was growing new healthy hair, and lots of it. I also have not experienced any adverse reaction from using Lotus 39, which is especially remarkable considering how super sensitive my skin and scalp are to the use of most products. The care for my hair simplified so much that between washing, drying and putting the product in my hair, it takes a total time of about 5 mins and I am ready for the day.

I wanted my story out to those many women who have had to suffer the embarrassment of thinning hair and baldness, like I did for so many years. No matter the condition, age or reason, Lotus 39 will restore not only your hope but also your beautiful hair! Oh and by the way, it works equally well for the male clients with thinning and balding hair that have started using Lotus 39 in our salon.

Don’t wait another minute to change your life and start living again with the hair you’ve always wanted.

Buy Lotus 39 by Valentino De Salva and because it has a money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything, including your beauty, identity and confidence, to gain!