9/11/2017 Update: Watch video reviews of people using Lotus 39 when their favorite Salon recommended it. They’re incredible “really real” reviews you don’t want to miss.

As I have been preparing my next update for you, I found something happening right under my nose: I’m saving money in my monthly budget. I no longer need to use a combination of expensive hair products to manage and prep my hair. Wow! Keep your questions and feedback coming as you share your experience on our social media channels. You can find us here or use #Lotus39 on social media. ~Megan

Introduction: Hi, I’m Megan. I’m delighted to show you my extensive research about how to naturally rejuvenate your scalp and hair. When I heard the story of Valentino de Salva, their 39 years of discovering safe and natural formulas, and meeting everyday people like you and me who experienced great outcomes, I had to try Lotus 39 – their debut product. Watch my video series to experience my results as they unfold. To maximize this affordable solution, it’s best to start using it sooner rather than later and make it a part of your daily prep routine

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Lotus 39 is the most effective unique formulation of healing herbal oils, plants, and vitamins available to restore your scalp skin and hair to their optimum health. The unique formulation improves hair quality, development, strength and thickness. There is no hair shedding, no offensive odors, brain fog or sexual side effects. Lotus 39 is clinically tested and approved. Included in your purchase is a 30 day supply and instructions from me about how to apply this wonderful product.

We do not recharge your payment card each month nor save your payment card information with your first purchase. You can contact us to send a new supply each month automatically after your first purchase or return here to buy again at your convenience.

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Week 3 Update

No More Expensive Extensions

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Filled The Gaps

Week One: results starting after just a few days