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Lotus 39 is an all-natural, drug-free hair and scalp rejuvenation formula.


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All-Natural Hair &Scalp Rejuvenation

Lotus 39 is a unique blend of healing herbal oils, plants, and vitamins which provide one of the most effective natural formulas available for the restoration of your hair and scalp to their optimum health. With the documented efficacy of oils, vitamins and botanicals included in the formula to improve hair quality, growth, strength, thickness and energy, it is no wonder that Lotus 39 will be just what you have been looking for to change the feel and look of your hair. You will no longer suffer the continued embarrassment of having your hair flying in the wind lacking body and control needed to enhance your appearance. Instead, you will have the renewed confidence of a healthy looking and feeling head of hair and scalp, that can only come from a rejuvenating formula like Lotus 39.

Here is what our customers have to say.

“Over 3 months on Lotus 39 and I know there will be no more male pattern baldness for me! My hair filled in like it was in my 20s…”

Al M.

“In a matter of weeks my hair looked healthier and stopped falling!”

Kali P.

“Lotus 39 is a formula made from natural ingredients that really WORKS! My hair grows faster and there is more growth.”

Vera C.

“Over the past few months, my hair started to thicken, grow stronger, and fill in.”

Mike A.

Hear what we have to say.

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Lotus 39 is 100% Safe for both Men &Women. No Side Effects!